A haircut is not just a haircut. Your haircut should fit your face, your body and your lifestyle. Polished and sophisticated or sexy and wild, our talented professionals here at Glo will give you the hair you want and deserve. Whether you are looking for a quick trim or to emanate a hip new you, our expert stylists will be there every step of the way.

Coloring hair, whether it’s highlights or simply all-over color, requires just the right shade for your skin tone and texture. Our on point stylists color hair with great skill and attention to detail, because when done right color will give your hair movement, volume and that healthy Glo we all know and love. We understand that training and experience in working with hair color and hair-coloring techniques is essential to creating a uniquely personal coloring experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our straightening services transform frizzy, curly or even straight, coarse hair into soft, beautifully controlled, straight hair. We are well versed in straightening services and offer both the Yuko and Keratin smoothing treatments. Both include a restructuring and reconditioning technique that safely restores health to chemically treated, kinky, naturally curling or damaged hair. Our Keratin treatment provides long lasting strength by infusing certain proteins deep into the cuticle of the hair sealing in natural oil conditioners and moisturizing fluids that are retained for months. The Yuko system, created in Japan, is a world-renowned U.S. patented method that is recognized as the leading brand in chemical hair straightening. Yuko treatments give you low maintenance, shiny, hassle-free straight hair. The only question left to ask yourself is, are you ready to get rid of those dull locks and bring back that Glo?

Want to transform your look? For luxurious, long and full hair, extensions add volume and length. For new style and less-permanent color extensions add pizazz and novelty. Glo uses only the highest quality hair extensions to provide you with the look you are seeking. Besides flawlessly matching hair color, our professionals offer personal consultations to determine the style, length, color and thickness you prefer.
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